In the lively neighbourhood "de Pijp," you'll find Ami, a cozy café, bistro, bar. From the Albert Cuyp market, you can easily step inside for a coffee or a good glass of wine. Take a seat at the bar, relax on our sunny terrace and enjoy the good things in life: friends, food and drinks.

"The rain was raining down on me, I needed a place to stay. Ami was open and - rightfully so - I ran in."

- sara verarie

Eggs Benedict for breakfast and a Croque Madame for lunch. A wide selection of cheeses and charcuterie during the drinks. A beautiful bottle of Chardonnay, accompanied by vongole, mussels, and oysters. For dinner, a sea bream and a farmhouse chicken to share. Then linger at the bar for a fresh tapped beer, AMI sour, or a classic Negroni. Food and drinks abound from morning until late at night. AMI is a true friend: ''Come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, stay for drinks.''